With so many views to take in and so much to do, it’s always a good time to visit Little Affair.
Untouched by the routine city life, Tehla is surrounded by hills, wilderness and water bodies, making
every season different from another.
Hence, we have accumulated a few tips, a packing list and things to expect during your visit according
to the ongoing season.


Summer typically lasts from April to June approaching 45+
degrees Celsius, making it an ideal time for Jungle Safari's and to
hit the pool!

what to pack

  • Switch to lose-Cotton clothing instead of dark and tight garments.
  •  SPF Creams, pair of sunglasses and a hat are always good to keep you away from the Tan.
  •  Comfortable Footwear
  • That summer playlist you have been waiting
    to play since 2020!

what to expect

  • Animal Sightings
  • Pleasing Sundowners with drinks at the
    Rooftop lounge
  • Stargazing at beautiful clear skies
  • Beautiful evenings by the lake


The Monsoon Season is around from July till September, turning the dry lands into beautiful
green landscapes.

While this season is pleasant and cozy at most times, it also gets a little humid and attracts bugs.

Here are a few things we advise you to pack and do, to make your stay stress free and full of fun!

  • Try keeping your doors and windows closed to avoid bugs and small creatures in your room.
  • Avoid Bright clothes and heavy scents!

what to pack

  • Rain Jackets
  • Bug Spray
  • Waterproof footwear

what to expect

  • Cozy evenings with delicious snacks
  • Mesmerising Sights
  • Artificial and temporary lakes filled up due to rains
  • View of Washed-up green mountains in the middle of the Desert


The months of October and November are mostly pleasant, but it can get quite chilly in
months like December and January, leading to months after that getting pleasant again.
To make these months more comfortable, here are a few things you need to pack and look
forward to!

what to pack

  • Warm Clothes (Jacket, Sweaters, Scarves, Socks, caps etc)
  • Greasy Moisturiser and Lip Balms
  • Boots

what to expect

  • Bonfires and Barbeques
  • Sun Bathing in the 
  • Cozy Sunsets and Sunrise
  • Enhanced Hi tea experiences

These are a few suggestions we advise you to take note of making your trip more adventurous, memorable and worthwhile!