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How Many Types Of Animals Are Found In Sariska National Park?

Sariska National Park is one of the major tiger reserves located in Alwar, Rajasthan. It has spread over an area of 881 sq km comprising different landscapes such as dry deciduous forests, scrub thorn arid forests, rocky hills and grasslands.

In the earlier time, this region was a hunting reserve for the royal family of the Alwar state. In the year 1958, Sariska declared a wildlife sanctuary. This region was given the status of a tiger reserve in the year 1978 when it was made part of Project Tiger. Further in the year 1982, it was given the full-fledged status of a national park in India.

Sariska National Park has gained very much popular among tourists due to its rich and diverse flora & fauna. Are you planning to visit Sariska anytime soon and are curious to know about the types of animals found in Sariska National Park?

You are at the right place, as here we will discuss the fauna of Sariska.

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Types Of Animals Found in Sariska

  • Royal Bengal Tigers
  • Leopards
  • Desert Cat
  • Caracal
  • Fishing Cat
  • Jackal
  • Striped Hyena
  • Desert Fox
  • Palm Civet
  • Crocodile
  • Common Mongoose
  • Sambhar Deer
  • Spotted Deer
  • Four-Horned Antelope
  • Nilgai
  • Python
  • Monitor Lizards etc.

Detailed Overview of Fauna of Sariska National Park

As the apex predator of this area in the food chain of the Sariska forest is Royal Bengal Tiger. Tiger is undoubtedly the most important and desired mammal in this national park. Although tigers are typically nocturnal, solitary predators with a mastery of stealth hunting techniques, those in the Sariska Tiger Reserve are diurnal, making them visible during the day, and making it one of the most popular tiger reserves in India.

The Sariska National Park also has leopards, desert cats, caracals, fishing cats, jungle cats, and rusty-spotted cats in addition to tigers (the smallest cat in the world). The Royal Bengal Tiger still rules the area even though the park is home to several other big cats.

Large predators like the jackal, striped hyena, desert fox, palm civet, crocodile, common mongoose, python, and many others can also find food and refuge in this woodland. These places are home to a wide variety of other herbivorous creatures, such as the Sambhar deer, the spotted deer (chital), the four-horned antelope (chosinga), and the blue bull (Nilgai ).

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Hence, witnessing the beauty and toughness of other creatures is equally enjoyable, in addition to the Royal Bengal Tiger (the reason Sariska National Park is mostly visited). Whether it’s the sight of a majestic tiger on a kill, enormous crocodiles lazing around a lake, or lovely spotted deer ambling in a grassy field, all these scenes will please your mind and soul.

Sariska National Park is a haven for bird watchers because it is home to numerous uncommon bird species. The Sariska forest is home to nearly 300 species of migratory and permanent birds. The major species of birds found in Sariska include Peafowl, Painted Spurfowl, Sand Grouse, Rufous Treepie, Bush Quail, Crested Serpent Eagle, Shikra, Indian Eagle Owl, Golden Oriole, Indian Pitta etc.

Where to Stay in Sariska?

After knowing about the types of animals in Sariska, you must be excited to visit this national park. Isn’t it exciting to choose a hotel in Sariska that offers you a nature-friendly stay? Yes, staying at such a place which complements the surroundings of Sariska National Park will enhance the fun, thrill and adventure of your trip.

We suggest you stay at Little Affair which is the finest resort in Sariska. Located near the Tehla Gate of Sariska National Park, this resort is surrounded by Aravalli hills where you can admire the beauty of nature along with enjoying a comfortable stay in their stone villas. All the amenities in the villas are nature-friendly and you can get a chance to enjoy an open shower by planning your stay here.

The adventure here never ends as you can experience a high tea on a nearby pond and can enjoy bush dinner to make your Sariska trip filled with thrill. Get the best dining experience while enjoying the local delicacies of Rajasthan which are prepared with organic farm-grown veggies.

Final Words

So, plan your vacations to Sariska in your upcoming holidays and fill up your bucket of mind with endless memories for a lifetime. Rejuvenate your inner soul while spotting the wildlife of Sariska in its original habitat. Ensure comfort in your trip by booking your stay at Little Affair to get a lifetime experience of staying in a nature-friendly hotel in Sariska.

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