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Best Tiger Safari Camp in Sariska, Rajasthan

Sariska National Park is the prominent tiger reserve of India located in Alwar district, Rajasthan. This national park consists of lush green forests, eye-pleasing landscapes and rugged mountains where you can witness the natural beauty of Mother Nature and wildlife in their natural habitat.

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Visiting Sariska can give you endless memories, however, choosing the best place to stay is equally important to make your trip more memorable. Here in this blog, we will explore Little Affair which is the best tiger safari camp in Sariska.

Does Tiger Safari Camp Matter?

Whenever we talk about any jungle lodge or resort in national parks, it must be taken into consideration that these resorts can add some additional stars to your vacations by providing you with a nature-friendly stay. A tiger safari camp matters a lot when it comes to national parks.

Also, it must be noted that the location of the tiger safari camp will be highly significant as it will make a huge difference towards your wildlife experience. Little Affair is a jungle resort in Sariska located near the Tehla gate of the national park and it is one of the most preferred accommodations by tourists.

Why is Little Affair Best Safari Camp in Sariska?

  • Exclusive Location

One of the most celebrated things about Little Affair is its exclusive location. Located just near the Tehla gate, this resort gets a competitive edge over other properties in Sariska due to its location and accessibility. Located amidst the Aravalli Hills, this resort offers you to stay in the middle of the wildlife reserve. By staying at this Sariska safari camp, you can be able to enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

When you enter this resort, you will be surrounded by the lush green surroundings. You can experience the sound of chirping birds along with jaw-dropping views while staying at this Sariska Jungle Safari Camp.

  • Experience Luxury During Your Stay

This resort in Sariska offers accommodation in stoned villas. Little Affair is a boutique resort where you can experience the best amenities and a nature-friendly stay at the same time. With 6 cottages, this jungle lodge has everything you desire in a luxury property. While staying at this resort, you will be able to enjoy nature-friendly amenities such as an open shower.

This accommodation will allow you to fully indulge in the lap of nature. The tranquil ambience, the aromatic scent of the woods, and the cottages scattered across the courtyard create an atmosphere of serenity, allowing you to experience a profound sense of calm.

Finest Dining Experience

By staying at Little Affair, you can enjoy the finest dining experience. Here you can have your food at the rooftop restaurant. Here, you can have traditional Rajasthani cuisine along with other dishes. All the veggies used in the food preparation are organic and farm-grown.

  • Perfect Blend of Thrill and Adventure

This Tiger Safari Camp in Sariska offers some of the best signature experiences to their guests to fill your vacations with adventure. They organize the high-tea at a nearby pond for their guests where they can enjoy some refreshments while having some adventure. Also, bush dinner arranged by the management of this resort offers you a new experience to have your last meal of the day amidst the jungle.

They also offer various recreational activities in the form of indoor games to rejuvenate yourself. If you feel exhausted after exploring Sariska, you can relax at the swimming pool for recharging your body.

Final Words

So, are you excited to plan your stay at this Tiger Safari Camp in Sariska? You can book your stay at this resort in Sariska by visiting their official website. If you are planning to spend your honeymoon at a secluded place, Little Affair is the best couple-friendly resort in Sariska where you can start a new chapter of your life amidst the wildlife in its natural habitat.

So, pack your bags and head towards this beautiful jungle lodge to fill up your bucket of mind with endless memories.

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