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Top things to do in Sariska National Park

Sariska is synonymous with the beauty of nature as this wildlife reserve is surrounded by the majestic Aravalli hills. This region is not only famous for its wildlife but also its cultural and historical heritage. There are different things to do in Sariska National Park while admiring the beauty of nature to the fullest.

Your trip to Sariska can be most cherished while exploring the places near Sariska Tiger Reserve. Here through this blog, we will recommend the top things to enjoy in Sariska while exploring the nearby places.

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Enjoy Wildlife Safari at Sariska National Park

A Wildlife safari is the best thing to enjoy in Sariska. This would be a heavenly experience for wildlife lovers and enthusiasts. Here while enjoying a jungle safari, you can be able to spot various animals such as tigers, leopards, deer, langur, sambar, cheetal, wild boars, hyenas and different types of migratory birds.

The best time to visit Sariska Tiger Reserveis between October to March due to the favourable climatic conditions.

Visit Kankwari Fort

This fort, which is well-known for its exquisite Rajasthani architecture and stunning surroundings, is one of the most significant historical sites in Sariska. Jai Singh, I constructed the fort, which Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb later used.

His brother Dara Shikoh, who served a lifetime banishment at this fort, utilised it as a place of exile. A large number of people are drawn to this location for a variety of reasons, including its lush attractiveness and expansive green meadows. Another fascinating feature of the fort is the panoramic view it offers of the forest below.

Explore the Beauty of Siliserh Lake

The quaint Siliserh Lake, which was built in 1845, is one of the most appealing places to visit in Sariska for spending time with your loved ones while taking in the breathtaking scenery. Over seven kilometres long, the lake is a marvel of human engineering.

It is a significant water supply source for nearby communities in Alwar and an extraordinary feat of engineering. Families also go to the lake to unwind and refresh themselves while enjoying boating and other water sports. Visitors are charmed by a magical attraction with its lush meadows and gorgeous Aravalli mountain in the background.

Pray at Famous Pandupol Hanuman Temple

Pandupol, a mythical location, is thought to be the location where the Pandavas lived during their exile. When Bhima vanquished the terrifying demon Hidimbb. A giant image of Lord Hanuman is housed in Hanuman Temple, a revered holy site for Hindus that draws pilgrims from all around India.

Visit Bhangarh: The Most Haunted Place in India

The Bhangarh Fort is a masterpiece of Mughal construction and is infamous for being the most haunted location in India. This fort, which Madho Singh built in 1631 and is a piece of Rajasthani heritage, is thought to be cursed by a person following black magic.

It is one of Sariska’s most intriguing tourist attractions and the top choice for thrill seekers. As admission is forbidden at night, one can only visit the fort’s ruins after sunrise and before dusk. There are still several reports of paranormal activity in this area. Giving it a well-deserved reputation as a must-see location for thrill seekers.

Final Words

The above are some of the top things to do in Sariska National Park. However, if you want to enjoy all these activities to the fullest, you should choose the best place to stay near Sariska from which all the locations can be easily accessed.

Choosing the finest location for your vacation can add some sparkling stars to your trip. As Sariska is rich in its flora and fauna, you must choose a place to stay here that establishes the connection of your soul directly with nature.

If you are looking for such a place, we recommend you to stay at Little Affair which is a Jungle Lodge in Sariska offering great hospitality services in an eco-friendly manner. By staying here, you can feel nature to  closest as this jungle resort is located just near Sariska National Park. While staying at this lodge, you can enjoy some more activities like open shower, bush dinner, high tea at a nearby lake etc.

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