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How to Reach Sariska National Park?

Sariska National Park is one of the most visited Tiger Reserves in India that attracts thousands of tourists every season. This wildlife reserve is located in Alwar, Rajasthan which is close to two of the major Indian cities that are the national capital Delhi and Jaipur.

Sariska National Park is a great destination for those who love wildlife and adventure. You can go there with your friends and family and enjoy a thrilling vacation, or if you are a wildlife enthusiast or photographer, you can plan a solo trip to capture amazing pictures.

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To make the most of your trip, the best time to visit Sariska is between October to March, which are the autumn and winter months and by visiting this time you will be able to avoid the scorching heat of summer.

If you’re wondering how to reach Sariska National Park, there are several options available. The park is well-connected by rail, air, and road from major cities in India. This blog will provide you with all the information you need to plan your trip and make your way to Sariska.

How to reach Sariska

Make your way to Sariska

By Air

The nearest airport to reach is the Jaipur International Airport situated in the Sanganer suburb of Jaipur, which is about 122 km away from the park. One can choose to travel to the park from the airport via either road or train. Jaipur Airport is an international airport, which is well-connected with major cities across India and overseas destinations. Convenient bus and taxi services are available directly from the airport to Alwar, where the Sariska National Park is situated.

Also, you can reach Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi which is located at a distance of 165 km from Sariska National Park.

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By Train

Getting to Sariska Tiger Reserve by train is a convenient and affordable option due to the excellent connectivity of the Indian Railways network. The nearest railway station to Sariska is Alwar, which is located 37 km away. From there, you can either take a taxi or bus to reach the national park.

The alwar railway station is situated on the busy Jaipur-Delhi railway line, which is a prominent route in Northern India. Many types of trains, including express trains, superfast trains, Garib-rath trains, and Shatabdi trains, have stopovers at Alwar. You can travel to Sariska by train from major cities across India, including Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Agra, and more.

By Road

Sariska National Park has good connectivity with major cities in India through roadways. Buses regularly operate between Sariska and cities such as Jaipur, Delhi, Kota, and Agra. To reach Sariska, you can travel to either Jaipur or Delhi and then hire private taxis or take private or state-owned buses.

Final Words

Since you now have all the necessary information on how to reach Sariska National Park, it’s time to pack your bags and fully enjoy your trip.

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