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Hotel Near Sariska to Feel the Real Connection with Nature

Sariska National Park is one of the famous places for sighting a tiger in Rajasthan, there are lots of nature lover who comes to this National park to feel a real connection with nature. Located 100 km approximately from the Pink City of India.

Sariska is a place that connects you with nature through different mediums you can watch 100 plus bird species here and hear the sweet chirping of birds, sighting Tigers, bears, crocodiles, and many animals over here.

This article helps you to stay in such a place where you can feel a real connection with nature. Little Affair is a Hotel near Sariska in which you can take a nap in nature’s lap and make your trip noteworthy.

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About Resort

Little Affair is one of the superior hotel near Sariska Tiger Reserve. It is a family-run boutique Jungle Lodge, inspired by its natural environment. Summer season is the finest time for Jungle Safari and to hit the pool, this resort also provides you with a pet-friendly environment. If you are a true nature lover and planning a trip to Sariska National Park then choose Little Affair to stay close to nature which is situated in Tehla Rajghar, Rajasthan.

Hotel Near Sariska

Reasons to choose Little Affair Hotel Near Sariska

Are you planning to visit Sariska Tiger Reserve and looking for resorts then there are scores of reasons to choose Little Affair for your stay.

  • Dining Area

An Open restaurant in which you can mind the variety of mouth-watering cuisine and have a taste of your food, in the natural environment. You can feel that nature makes your soul satisfied by the fragrance or flowers which are dissolved in the air and the amazing beauty of mountains that are visible from your table that takes your breath away.

  • Track and Trails

This Resort arranges to track for the visitors with their team to explore and glance the wilderness of Sariska into the unrevealed wildlife and adventures of the woodland. Through this, you get a chance to know in depth about local flora and fauna and feel a real connection with nature.

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  • Sariska Jungle Safari

There are many things to do in Sariska national park but the most valuable thing for which you are here is the Sariska jungle safari. Little Affairs align a jungle safari for you through an open-air truck/jeep which reduces the burden on you to book a safari.

  • Bush Dinner

A cold night in nature and you are having dinner around any pond or a lake which makes your dining experience healthy and memorable in the jungle.

  • Close to Nature

In Little Affair Resort you will be able to feel a connection with nature as the location of the lodge is very close to nature and gives an attractive look from the resort.

  • Amenities

This resort in Sariska provides all the basic and some advanced amenities like air-conditioned accommodation, free wifi, parking, activities for kids, an outdoor pool, guest rooms, and many more in this section.

Why choose Little Affair Resort in Sariska:-

Little Affair provides a-one facility in a pocket-friendly budget by which you can spend your valuable money on different activities and make your trip more enjoyable.

For the nature lover and to feel a real connection with nature in Sariska this is the finest option to stay and explore Sariska tiger reserve with your loved ones and spend quality time in the lap of nature.

They have years of experience in hospitality services which makes them different from others because they have a properly trained staff and many activities to do in the resort which makes your tour memorable.

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